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Photo Gallery

Barker Ridge Log Cabin Barker Ridge Log Cabin View of cabin from behind Photo by Victor Carter. 150318525 Cabin in summer 130354026 View from the porch in summer 133969458 Fall view View from the porch in fall 130404561 Cabin in fall View from the top of the hill near the cabin 130406023 Fall colors This tree is steps away from the porch. 130406027 Cabin at night This shot was taken in the winter. 130406024 Barn in winter This barn is a very short walk from the log cabin. 130406022 Cabin in winter Snowy view of the cabin 130406025 Cabin in winter, closeup Taken from the driveway 130406026 Living area 161687519 Sink outside bathroom 133960067 Cabin living and sleeping area 161687515 Kitchen 161687516 Kitchen 161687517 Upstairs bedroom 161687522 Another angle on the upstairs bedroom 133960069 Downstairs 161687510 Bathroom 133960062 Shower 133960066 Bathroom 161687511 Rock house in cliffs This photo was taken by Ben and Bart Wells, the craftsmen who remodeled the log cabin. 133969459 Cabin in summer 161687512 Cabin from behind in summer 161687513 Landscape, summer 161687518 Landscape, summer 161687520 Pond 161687521 Turkeys 161687523 Bathroom (in basement) 183396242 Cabin, summer 183396243 Kitchen 183396244 Living area 183396245 Main floor sleeping area 183396246 Porch 183396247 Swing by fireplace 183396248 Upstairs bedroom 183396249 View from the porch 199157477 Side view of cabin 199157478 Looking towards the barn 199157479 Cabin 199157480 Back porch 199157481 Beds on ground floor 199157482 Upstairs bedroom 199157483 Kitchen 199157484 Basement 199157485 Washer and dryer 199157486 Bathroom 199157487 Main room on ground floor 199157488 Old-fashioned fireplace 199157489 Another view from porch 199157495